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Writing is like breathing

The angels whisper, never stop trying, never give up, always ask for more..

Here is where I spread my wings and fly...

Come, take my hand
close your eyes and dream
fly with me
to shores of beaches
our toes in the sand

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Longing is the space between heaven and hell
felt deep in your heart as it’s squeezed like an orange
it is wanting something so badly
it starts to encompass your physical being
taking over your mind

every waking moment and uncontrolled dream
becomes an urge that grows and grows
your pulse races
your skin heats
you bite your lip becoming restless, edgy

nothing can stop it
nothing can fulfill it
no one
except you…

dontcryitsonlymike replied to your post: Playoffs…sweet

But that doesn’t look like basketball! LOL You’ll have to forgive me Lauren, I’m from North Carolina now living in Heat Country. Good luck to your Blackhawks. ;)

lol, I like basketball, but love hockey…thanks Mike, the boys are struggling to stay in it. They need some luck for tonight.

Dancing with Summer

Summertime, the slow graceful dance
on tip toes through June’s midnight moon
where mornings dew kissed leaves
sparkle in early sunrise glances

July’s heat brings showers that cool
bodies displayed
basking in summertime’s
sunlit glaze

waiting patiently for breezes
cooling nights as sundown approaches
where graceful skies embrace
whispering to the trees

it’s summertime, let’s dance…